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Easy JavaScript, Part 1: Learn the "let" Statement

Using the let statement, you can create Block-scoped local variables in JavaScript. The let  statement was introduced in the ECMAScript 6 standard of JavaScript. Before you go ahead and learn about let, I recommend you to check out Infragistics jQuery-based library Ignite UI, which helps you write and run...

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Finish Him: Kill All the WebDriver C# Code

Most of my articles are about WebDriver. Today, I am going to write about a common problem that people usually hit. Have you experienced this? Your tests finish and then all of a sudden, the browser is still opened? The next time you try to...

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Set Sail: What Are You Waiting For? Klajo Who Rode Against The Ocean Reads:77 Pages:21 Published:Aug 2017 What is “Passion”? Why compare it with a higher value? Who contributes to us, if not us? I want to begin my book with a hideous, or as...

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Demon Stalker: Volume One Reads:318 Pages:190 Published:Sep 2017 Jake Steele, a Special Forces soldier, loses his team during an ill-fated mission in Afghanistan. He resigns from the army and comes home a broken man. He su… Formats: PDF, Epub, Kindle, TXT

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