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What Every Webmaster Should Know About DNS

Brief/ History of DNS Behind every website is a little-known system that is the glue holding the internet together. It’s called the DNS, or the Domain Name System. Thirty years ago, when the Internet was still in its infancy when you wanted to visit a...

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Grails Quickcast #8

In this Quickcast, Zachary Klein, member of the OCI Grails team, shows how to use React profile. In particular, he shows how to create a single project build, which allows users to mix React code with common Grails view technologies, such as GSP. Moreover, he...

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Interesting JavaScript Libraries Born in China

The JavaScript community has been growing bigger, and the language is gradually becoming the most used programming language in the world. The community’s reach have spread to China, which has become a country to reckon with in the Information Technology industry. They have tried their...

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Common Uses for Node.js

Node.js uses an event-driven input-output (I/O) which makes it perfect for the implementation of real-time web applications. While Ruby on Rails was a server-side language that attempted to make the implementation of real-time applications a reality, Node.js actually is the server. What makes Node.js more...

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Teaching Kids JavaScript

Transitioning With Code Combat A fairly structured way to get a young student to their first typed language is Code Combat, which supports JavaScript (and Python). The platform is a great game-ified way to learn to code, as kids solve puzzles and defeat enemies through...

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