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Using Objects Comparer to Compare Complex Objects in C#

Introduction It is a common situation that complex objects need to be compared. Sometimes objects can contain nested elements, or some members should be excluded from the comparison (auto-generated identifiers, create/update date etc.), or some members can have custom comparison rules (same data in different...

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Must Read Books in Responsive Web Design

If you are interested in responsive web design, it is important to read helpful sources that will enable you to better your skills. Responsive web design is known as the art and science used in the building of websites. This art has become quite popular,...

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Great FlexBox Resources and Awful Examples

FlexBox is a new CSS layout engine that has been around for years. Today there is good browser support. All modern browsers support FlexBox and even IE11 supports it (with a couple of bugs). Check out all that glorious green on There are also...

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Vue.js 2.5 Released! How Your Business Can Benefit

Vue.js released its latest version, Vue 2.5, just a few days back. It comes with many new features including improved TypeScript and Error handling, improved tooling support, environment-agnostic server-side rendering, and much more that gives you many business benefits. This release contains awesome improvements to...

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Nest.js Brings TypeScript to Node.js and Express, Part 1

In this article, we are going to learn about Nest.js, a framework for building Node.js web applications. Why Nest.js? Because, although Node.js already contains a lot of libraries to develop web applications, none of them effectively address one of the most important subjects: the architecture....

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