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Peek lets you live stream privately with friends and family

BetaList features the newest startups. Today, we take a closer look at Peek which provides fun, private live streaming with friends family. Submit your startup to get featured too. What is Peek? Peek is a new app for fun, private live streaming with friends family. In contrast to public live streaming...

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Cracking Competitive Programming With Go

Introduction The code challenging platforms like HackerRank or CodeEval test the logical ability and programming ability of a coder. Dynamic languages give us the edge in developing programs faster. The algorithms which require huge computation may lead to timeouts with interpreters. Go is a compiled...

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A Roadmap for Making Drupal More API-First

TL;DR: Come have a look at where Drupal is planning to go in the near future with its product. The details may surprise you. In one of my recent blog posts, I articulated a vision for the future of Drupal’s web services, and at DrupalCon...

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Running Node.js on Linux With systemd

The Node.js community has embraced process monitoring tools such as PM2, Nodemon, and Forever, which is understandable. For example, in addition to process monitoring, PM2 also boasts features around logging and port-sharing or clustering. However, I’m a firm believer in using the Linux init system...

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Creating a REST Application in Node.js With Hapi

In my previous article, I demonstrated how to create a REST application using the Express framework, now we will be using the hapi framework.  The prerequisites for this tutorial is a basic knowledge on Node.js and a basic understanding of REST architecture. You don’t need any hapi knowledge. We...

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The Invasion of Ragged Mountain

Book Description HTML  |   Report this book Along the starway of infinity there are millions of planets just like Earth. We need not be concerned with them. There are however many billions more that are not like Earth – these represent the biggest threat...

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